Our Team

Dr. Fritz McHugh


Dr. Fritz McHugh spent most of his life in Seaside Park, but has also lived in California and North Carolina.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in business management.  Many years later he returned to school to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Veterinarian.  He graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine and then returned to New Jersey to open Coastal Veterinary.  He is married to Amy, Coastal Veterinary’s Practice Manager, and they have 3 dogs (Briar, Ava and Victor), and a cat (Murphy).  Dr. Fritz enjoys surfing, fishing, clamming, bicycling, flying airplanes and spending time being a handyman.  He is also a local Councilman in his town of Seaside Park.

Dr. Mindy Feldman


Dr. Mindy Feldman is a transplanted Benny who has lived at the Jersey Shore since 2006. In 1992 she graduated from Cook College, Rutgers University (do not call it SEBS – it will always be Cook in her heart).  In 1996 she graduated from Cornell Veterinary School. Dr. Mindy joined Coastal Veterinary in 2017.   In her free time she enjoys (using the word enjoys loosely here) rooting for the Mets, Devils, Giants and Jets. Dr. Mindy is also a Sci-Fi buff who loves Dr. Who, Harry Potter and Star Wars (but prefers even the prequels to The Last Jedi). She lives with Mork, her cavalier king charles spaniel, her cat, Scrabbles and has a 40 gallon fresh water aquarium.

Dr. Dustin Pascal


Dr. Dustin Pascal has lived his entire life in New Jersey. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University at Buffalo in psychology, both human and animal. Following his time in Buffalo he ditched the snow for the beach and attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. His clinical year was spent at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine during their national championship run, and he loves to talk about it. Currently Dr. Pascal has one dog, Shadow, a rescued black lab pitbull mix. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, golf, and going to the gym. He roots for the Giants and the Nets, and always has something to say. Dr. Pascal also loves watching movies and TV shows, especially Marvel, Game of Thrones, as well as pretty much any sitcom. Lastly whenever he can, he finds time to play video games with his younger brother and friends. 

Dr. Amy Slater McHugh

Practice Manager

Dr. Amy Slater McHugh graduated from UNC School of Pharmacy and worked the first ten years of her career in human medicine.  In 1999 she transitioned into animal medicine and started working as a pharmacist at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  In 2006 she married Dr. Fritz and helped to open their first office in Seaside Heights and later their current office in Toms River.  She has always had a secure connection to animals, and her four-legged pets are her children.  In her spare time, she enjoys the beach, clamming on the Barnegat bay by kayak, and UNC basketball.  Currently, she and Dr. Fritz live with Ava and Victor ( both cavalier king Charles spaniels), Briar (a lab mix), and Murphy (a tuxedo cat)


Client Care Specialist


Client Care Specialist


Client Care Specialist












Work Mom

Lee joined Coastal Veterinary in July 2008.  She officially retired in fall of 2021.  Over the years she helped out in many capacities, always showing true compassion to all of our clients.  She often called herself the “cuddler” because she was often found sitting in her rocking chair cuddling your pet after they came out of the operating room.  Over the years she has been happy being the “work mom” to our entire staff.  Even during her retirement, she has not been able to stay away and she continues to help us out from time to time.


Liason to Social Media

Carol joined Coastal Veterinary in November 2013. She officially retired in Fall of 2021.  This marked 15 years that she has been in the veterinary field, and 26 years in the pet field.  Carol started out working in pet shops and eventually went on to own her own shop.   When she closed the shop she decided it was time to enter the veterinary field, and has never regretted doing so.  Carol has always been involved with animals of every kind.  She is also a retired 4H leader in Ocean County for both livestock and reptiles.  Carol is still a familiar face at the Ocean County Fair, where she can be found with her goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkey.   Inside the house you will find her fabulous five dogs, an assortment of cats, parrots, turtles, tortoises, rabbits, pot belly pig and 2 baby rats. Animals have always been Carol’s calling, and she hopes that never changes.  In her retirement she has taken on the roll of helping to keep up with our facebook page.

Office Dogs


Amy’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ava , Amy’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, comes to the office every day and you can meet her up the front desk.  She was born in 2017 and came to live with Amy and Dr. Fritz in July of 2017.  She is also very fortunate as she has a work family at Coastal Veterinary that help in her daily care.  She enjoys getting to meet many of our client’s pets. Ava also loves to run on the beach with Briar and kayak in the Barnegat Bay.  She is a very pleasant and lovable addition to the Coastal Veterinary Team.


Dr. Fritz and Amy bred Ava in 2018 and on November 23, 2018 she whelped 4 puppies.  Victor was the last born in the litter.  Amy and Dr. Fritz decided to keep him and Dr. Feldman has Mork, the first born in the litter.  Both Victor and Mork spend their work days in the back office with Ava and have play time during lunch.  Victor’s favorite pastime at home is chasing Murphy their cat.


Dr. Fritz’s Lab Mix

Briar,  Dr. Fritz’s Lab Mix, comes to the office 1 to 2 days a week.  Briar was also born in 2017 and is 3 months older than Ava.  Briar spends the rest of his work days at Pampered Pet, in their day care program.  On weekends Briar loves to fetch balls, ride on a paddle board with Dr. Fritz, and kayak in the Barnegat Bay.  Briar also loves to run on the beach and is not afraid of the waves.


Dr. Feldman's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Kristin's Beagle